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Below is the beginning of my list of webcomics. They are being sorted into a useful order currently and have incomplete information. Some of these descriptions are just going off a memory from binging them years ago. Sites where one author has multiple cannon comics might just list the main one. Current layout subject to change as it is currently for planning site organization. I don't really like using Tapas/Webtoons and I will try to link dedicated sites as much as possible. I'm interested in hearing your opinion on how the site is laid out and just about anything else. Feel free to contact me about out of date or just plain incorrect information, it's a lot of comics to look after!

Comics denoted with a * symbol make up my shortlist of most recommended comics.

Read hiatus comics with caution! There is no guarantee your favorite story will ever be finished.

And do everyone a favor; if you see somehting on the internet you like, archive it!

Top Pick Comic Archive Link Author Description
6 Gun Mage A Chris Hazelton Cadet in training Kylie is on thin ice with the academy and is short on funds. She is given an experimental magic revolver more powerful than any other weapon currently in service. Hard on luck, she ends up becoming a bounty hunter and discovers a plot much bigger than run of the mill criminals. Kind of steampunky-western. Distinct black and white art.
A Distant Sky A Felix Dyson I read this while sick but I think a group of people from different timelines are engaged in a high-tech war against imperialist mecha-humans. Art style took a big hit early on and never really recovered. Artist is a big Streetlight fan.
* Another Day Up North A "Task" Rue the red nosed reindeer, and a north pole transplant, applies for a job as a courier. The story follows her as she tries to fit in with the small town. Good story and charming art. I like how many real life objects are drawn with a full understanding of their complexities. Updates in large batches.
Argonian Adventures A "Task" Loosely based in the Elder Scrolls universe. Lizard and cat go on comedic adventure skits. Same quality and story as expected from "Task."
Astral Sounds A Leigh Jones Yunni is part of a scientific team dedicated to finding sentient life in the universe. He takes a chance with a new species and discovers it capable of sentient thought. This discovery forces him to face the harsh realities of his and other species' actions and roles in the universe. Fun character design and good use of colors.
* Aviana A Tristan Cobb Avians are engaged in war with the equines. Follows a group assigned to a distant and seemingly irrelevant base. Spies, bureaucracy, women.
* Awaken A Koti Saavedra Piras, the son of a vetran major, develops a magic affinity in a culture that believes it to be dangerous. He now finds himself under a bounty and invovled in a terror plot.
Back A Anthony & K.C. Cutsey anti-hero's journey story. Idiot-savant protagionist with plenty of meta-humor. Fun character design.
Banished A Ryan Smith Rak got into some legal trouble and is now straned on a prison planet. With his new robot friend Timbo, he must find a way to escape the hostile rock. Long form Sunday Funnies-style comic.
Banquet A Anne Szabla Baby Timothy has tragically gone missing and unbeknownst to anyone, has fallen into a portal to hell. Here, he is adopted by one of the families of the ruling court. Political and romantic drama ensues. Kind of superseded Bird Boy (which I liked more) but keeps the same art style for monsters.
Bavalae A "Serarel" Former outlaw Red tries to make amends with his family during a five year drought.
Bethellium A "A Blue Deer" Solitary alchemist Zoana is contacted by representatives of a secret magical city. They offer an immediate position and access to resources for her to move in. She quickly discovers that she was not invited out of charity. Nice clean but detailed art. Medieval magical type story.
Bloodline A Evan Fawcett Ember is the black sheep of her demon family. She may be able to run from her past, but she certainly cannot hide. Starts out as a clunky teen-written feeling story. Art and dialog begin to clear up at current time.
Buni A Ryan Pagelow Cyanide & Happiness meets Happy Tree Friends but less gore.
* Campbell and Kei: Thrillerknights For Hire A "KngKobun" A goofy duo of bounty hunters on some whacky adventures. Lots of action and a colorful, cutesy art. They drive a clapped out tracker and thats funny.
* Cassiopeia Quinn A "Gunwild"/"Psu" Skilled pirate Cassiopea quickly makes personal enemies with Captain Vrax. Can they realize neither of them are bad people? Art quickly improves and gains color.
Castoff A Star Prichard Scaredy cat Vector is thrust into the world and must use the help of an impatient bounty hunter and robot to get home.
Chimeran Legends A A. K. Story follows three children of various descent of the three kingdoms of the world. Story is about parental expectations and finding one's own way.
Cosmic Dash A David Davis Sibling turtles try to run a successful intergalactic shipping company dealing with a world full of pirates, politics, and general bad guys. Good old fashion sci-fi action. Consistent art/writing, slow updates.
Creators Keepers Of Mana A Alex Whitby Adrian, unaware of his true parents and his role in the lineage, joins an Academy for special agents who deal with the magical sort of issues.
Cyantian Chronicles A Tiffany Ross Where do I even begin... Tiffany is one of what I would call prolific-tier producers. She has like 20 stories all cannon with each other (and a whole separate webcomic!). The universe is a huge scale with my favorite themes: action and political drama. It loosely follows Darius' adventures growing up and assuming a role as the leader of the Akelae clan. Her website is always a mess no matter how many updates it receives and it's very difficult to follow one story at a time. Her art style is stagnant too. I do still recommend reading this as its an incredible amount of content and the story writing is good.
Dan And Mab's Furry Adventures A Amber Williams One of the longest running and most influential comics on the list. Its kind of hard to classify but I guess a science experiment where a bunch of characters are thrown into a world and left to their own devices. It is fun to watch the artist progress over the decades. Fantasy themes.
Dark White Comic A Lillian Aguilar Medieval fantasy drama. Demons plot to take over the world. Politics, magic, and a helping of violence.
Damsels Don't Wear Glasses A J Alice Bown The comic starts out as a kind of lame "girls can kick ass too" comic but the characters quickly gain depth and motivation. Lave is on the surface an irresponsible keeper of the world relying on wit and a little bit of dumb luck. When she is tasked with being the legal guardian of Jake, she must deal with her insecurities and shortcomings or risk harm to the people she cares about. Moderately detailed flat-color art style that is not consistent with fine details. A decade of consisten work. Soon to be demoted to "changed format."
* Daughter of the Lilies A Meg Syv/Yoko Weaver With all prejudices removed, Thistle is able to have a normal life in a group of mercenaries. When her friends find out who she really is, can they still respect her?
Dead Winter A
Deer Me A Sheryl Schopfer Slice of life comic where three roomates try to tolerate eachother's shenanigans.
Draconia Chronicles A Danny Valentini Fantasy story of the dragon and tiger race's eternal war. Follows a group from both sides and their role in the struggle. Big political drama with lots of characters I lost track of a few times. Story and art pick up over time.
* Dreamkeepers A David Lillie Kids in unfortunate situations growing up in a dangerous world of magic and monsters. I owe this a better description. Consistent art. Prolific tier.
Dresden Codak A Senna Diaz Genius cyborg lost her lab to bureaucracy and has to move to the city. She does not escape the bureaucracy. Very distinct dark art-deco style.
Project Future: The Epsilon Project A "Tapewolf"/"Merlin" Sequel to Project Future. Follows the younger characters and offspring of the characters in Project Future.
Exvulnerum A Julia Swan Wroble A story about a curse that makes you immortal and experience excruciating pain. It can only be passed on to the person you care most about.
The Eye of Ramalach A "Avencri" Ronald just wants a girlfriend but the occupational hazards of working at a museum had other ideas. Good story, very slow to update.
Faux Pas A Robert & Margaret Carspecken A farm full of animal actors is sold to an unknown entity. Hijinx ensue. Charlie Brown/Ren and Stimpy take on "adults" of the world.
Freefall A Mark Stanley One of the OG webcomics. A morally dubious shipping company proprietor, a robot, and a genetically engineered wolf get in decades of hijinx.
Follower A "Bugbyte" & "Delade" Secret government project to turn animals into supersoldiers. People begin to question the morality of treating sentient creatures like machines.
Foxy Flavored Cookie A Tomas Del Rio Pucho wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how he got there. Now developing into a new person, he has to come to terms with who he was before. Long form "personality experiment" type comic where loose overarching plots are placed over smaller character interactions. Art and story matures with autor.
Godslayer A Steven Lloyd Kiva lives in a ruined post apocalyptic world. He makes a measly living collecting taxes for the local crime boss while keeping his magical powers a secret. He hears rumors of a way out with a machine capable of generating money out of thin air but encounters increasingly more dangerous enemies.
Guardia: The Tales of Halgeis A Aaron Savage Following in her older brother's footsteps, Yggdra joins the academy to become a Guardian and defend the world against evil. She has a lot to live up to and accept the harsh reality of the profession.
GunGear A Catz Koen Military action, politics, the works. Good for when you need a good action comic to scroll through.
* Gunnerkrigg Court A Tom Siddell Follows Annie on her stay at Gunnerkrigg Court, a sort of boarding school. It exists as an island of technical feats bordering a lush forest. Annie and her friends begin to unearth the troubled history of the two regions of her world with her as the medium. Art improves over time, prolific tier.
Gunwhale A "Isomizu" Duo of ambitious cat and apprehensive mouse catch word of a huge bounty for bringing a dangerous gunwale back from the frontier. Website is kind of annoying to read on.
The Haunted A Dio Gatodae Fio moves into a new apartment but it turns out she has ghost roommates.
Heart of Keol A Keii’ii
Hellkats A
Housepets! A Rick Griffin Slice of life comic about house pets. Long running sunday cartoons/calivn and hobbes format transitioning into a full on story-driven comic.
* The Hunters of Salamanstra A John Joseco Comic about Kessah, who wants to follow in her older sister's footprints and become a professional monster hunter. Details the struggle of living up to expectations, politics, and difficult classmates. Fantasy action with lots of fighting and gore. Easy to understand for black and white art.
Icy Copper A "Toivoshi" Copper is growing up in a split world after mother earth's children fought. He lives a really disappointing life compared to his peers, lacking any capacity for transformation power. Due to unwilling circumstances he is unfortunately brought to the site of the split and learns there is more to the world than he knows. Fantasy type comic with neat color design.
In Our Shadow A
Ingress Adventuring Company A Kay Rossbach Retired adventurer turned professor, Tovio tries to escape his past and protect the people he loves. Elf-type fantasy.
Joe vs Elan School A "Joe Nobody" Realistic fiction(?) telling of the Elan School cult in rural Maine.
Knighthood A "Chalo"/"Curran" Hope signs up for knight academy to prove her worth and develop herself as a person. As with all Kemono cafe comics, the character's figures get more gratuitous with time.
Kyoni: Wanderer A "Zerothe3rd" Kyoni goes on an epic quest to understand her dream visions of other people's pasts. Lots of neat weapons both technological and magical. Art cleans up with time.
Lancer: The Knights Of Fernis A Tim H Nielsen Space opera about war between mammals and reptiles following Jake and friends' role (or lack of) in combat. Cast deals with prejudice and powerful weapons. Clean clear art with neat take on sci-fi technology.
Lateral A "Revzet" Lackadaisical Robinhood character is sought for his skills and tied up in the politics of a corrupt kingdom.
Leaving the Cradle A "Darth Biomech" An advanced alien species discovers Earth and tries to take a closer look wihtout notice. As it turns out the Military-industrial complex is a little more advanced than anticipated. A group of campers recover a survivor from the wreck and decide to take matters into their own hands, apart from government interference. Full color, seems to update consistently.
Magefront A Shea Britton Amarantha attends mage school to follow in the huge footprints of her mother. In her efforts to become a prolific mage she becomes wrapped up in the dark secrets of the mage school. The study of necromacy is regarded much differently in this story than most others. Fun costume design.
Mara A
Maor A Allen T. Maor is forced to grow up fast so he can care for his disabled father. The question if his spirit or body can hold out longer remains to be discovered. Charming art done in the style of a print comic.
Mothorial A Ari Borhanian/Isabel Pereira Coming of age story with clean art. Slow to update.
Newshounds A Thomas Dye In a world where pets are sentient creatures, a project is underway to use their heightened senses to access the "perception edge." This dream world holds immense influence over the waking world and is of great value to less than benevolent parties. Old school cartoony style.
Nightshift A
Now Recharging A Mary Huang Heartwarming story about androids figuring out their role in society. Real water colors.
O Sarilho A "Shizamura" Follows an expansive cast of people living in a post-modern world dark age. The supercomputers and space travel old civilizations had access too are now part of a new religion. A recently fallen object from the heavens has provided a unique oppritunity to reconnect with God. Everyone quickly realizes they are playing with powers way over their head. Really impressive art which is a treat to look at. Autor is Portugese and some English translations are not perfect.
The Oswald Chronicles A
Out of Placers A Sal Valia(?) Starts out as one of those weird self-insert transformation comics but shifts focus to the geopolitics of multiple sapient species sharing finite resources and navigating cultural differences. Also everyone is horny.
Pandamonium A Tony DiGerolamo Necromancer and his screw-up friends go around questing in a rude comedy. Simple black and white style.
Parisa A Ellen Kramer Nolan and Gwen make an unexpected friend and begin a quest to bring them home. Started out as an experimental comic in the beginning but quicky finds its stride and plot.
Phantomarine A Claire Niebergall The world is ending. The ocean is full of hungry souls. Family is dead. Now an unlikely cast of characters (including the bad guys!) have to team up and save the world. Really cool character designs.
Prequel or Making a Cat Cry: The Adventure A "Kazerad" Homestuck but the main character is Katia the cat.
Project Roar A "DiggityDogDingo" Monica is a reporter set on uncovering the truth around World War Two era German bio-weapon research. She struggles to persuade the few surviving members of the clean-up crew to recount what official records do not. Fun art style with a distinct color palette, improving over time.
* Random Encounter A Rhiannon Perez-Crooks, Merlin Missingham, others The main story follows several character's paths crossing at Dharks Hero School. Monsters, magic, gods, and drama. Prolific-tier author cranking out good stories. Writing starts out a little rough, but gets going quickly and stays strong. It's even humorous. Huge collection of canon comics on this site with rapid updates. Close ties with Project Future crew.
Ray The Fox A Chris Scott Ray is gifted with special powers which he is deterimened to use for good as a vigilante. He is quite clumsy and prone to bad luck which has earned him a far from positive reputation. Print comic book style art where select pages are color improving over time.
The Realm of Kaerwyn A "Jakkal" Impressively broad fantasy universe with a few main plotlines running through including portals, dragon puppet masters, warewolf disease, romance, and escaped princesses. Big mix of time periods and technology that somehow manages to all fit together but is not ___-punk. Art cleans up over time and updates frequently. I don't think the author writes the story solo. I think she takes a lot from a dnd game or something she runs.
Recursion A Rae Bruner Lieutenant Seren Mosley ends up behind enemy lines during a particularly fateful day of combat. Armed with an experimental weapon, she is thrown into a strange world where she must step up and fulfil her destiny. Lasers, space, and time travel type sci-fi. Low shade count black and white comic with art smoothing out over time.
Replay A
Ringtail Cafe A I don't actually know. E-mail me. After a heroic rescue of children from a burning building, Adam is recruited into a secret agency fighting for justice. Spy type story. Art takes a hit after the artist (the one that does poetcat stuff I think) is replaced with someone else. Fight scenes and visually interesting characters.
* Saffron and Sage A Daniel Kelly Saffron and Sage are an adventuring duo in a fantasy 1800s setting. Reoccuring antagonists are loveable and goofy. Mostly consistent updates with frequent comedy. Artist changes midway through to a more flat style.
Sanity Circus A
The Selection A "AlfaFilly" The ruling class of Podigus has decided that the best course of action to keep the royal bloodline strong and stay in connection with the spirits is to arrange every marrige in the nation. The story follows a tight group of friends through their experiences with a focus on lowly regarded Kailani and her marrige with the notorious Lord Federico. Starts off pretty rough but quickly develops into an interesting plot with matured writing and art.
Shadow's Daughter A Morgan Quaid In a post-apocalyptic world where fantasy book monsters are real our hero, a shadowmancer, works as a bounty hunter keeping the remaining civilians safe. Strong noir crime motifs. Comic starts out in awkard baby's first manga book but transitions into a more matured western style. Comic reads really poorly due to an attempt to optimise it for portrait mode cell phones.
Shattered Skies A "Astradia" The four races of the world, Fox, Wolf, Jackal and Cat, have been at odds with each other for longer than living memory. The next generation, soon to inherit the world has an opprituity to break the war cycle. The best laid plans tend to have a habit of blind siding good intentions and lots of trouble lay ahead. Consistend art but I struggle some to tell fox and wolf apart. For Cyantian Chronicle fans who want an easier to use website.
Skin Deep A Kory Bing Prompted by the effects of a discarded pendant, Michelle discovers that her friend group, herself included, possess the ability to harness the power and form of mythological creatures. Michelle is a sphinx, which was long believed to be extinct. This discovery threatens to upset the power balance of the world and put everyone's lives in danger. If you like the Percy Jackson or Gregor the Overlander series you will like this. Art and story starts out amateurish and improves with time.
Sky Terror Of Weng Hu A
Slightly Damned A "Chu" Rhea has died and went to the part of hell for slightly damned souls. She ends up getting better and returns to the world of the living with some new friends. Staying dead would have been much less trouble for her as it begins to resurface old problems as big as the world itself. Starts out as highschool slightly-chibi style and transitions to a cleaner flat color style with more mature writing. Slightly prolific-tier haha.
* Sombulus A Christina Major A long-running high fantasy comic whith Paladin knights trying to hunt down and stop one of the most powerful Demshuls before he can damage another world. A silly, story driven comic that may not be the easiest to summarize. It's a charming story that spans multiple worlds and has interesting races and comedic interactions with the world around. The characters are all goofy in their own way and the art matches while increasing in quality. Well over a thousand pages of world building and character development.
* Soul to Call A Katherine "Rommie" Lang The story begins by meeting Avril who is looking for her father. During "the fall" most of the worlds population died and dangerous magical creatures started picking off the survivors. She even tries to dabble in the occult in a desparate attempt to find him. This leads to her metting a young boy with magic blood and The Order, who police the world and stomp out the occult. Gritty, gorey, prolific-tier.
Spare Keys For Strange Doors A Lucy Lyall Marion and Toby are a supernatural solutions couple. We get to tag along on their consulting adventures solving these "problems" that normal people have. Written after Kaspall and in full color.
Star Warriors A Scott Fraser Comic about the purest souls who are responsible for defending the universe and granting wishes. Story flow and art quality progress with time.
Softies A Kyle Smeallie Kay just survived the explosion of earth and was scooped up by what's effectively a galactic garbage man. Kay quickly learns that the rest of intelligent life is not too far from how life was conducted on earth. Kay's light-hearted approach to dealing with existential dread and frustrating circumstances provides lots of opportunity for comedy. Fun pastel art style, slow to update. Enjoyable reading with deep characters.
Starfire Agency A Cindy Ramey A college club for learning about vampires, aliens, and all sorts of other mythical beasts is way too comfortable with what they find. Episodic storytelling, slow to update.
Synthetic Instinct A "Meezer" In a dystopian future, Isa has been legally demoted in social standing. Now she must adjust to the lowest caste and the people who inherit it. Webtoon.
Supercell A B M Brice Daughter of the headmaster of a magic school Kheil has a much harder time fitting in with the rest of the students. She must make right with the other students in her attempt to uncover an evil plot threatening the campus.
Tails and Tactics A
Tamberlain A Caytlin Vilbrandt A clumsy bat learns about motherhood by adopting a human baby in a world of animals. Comic explores nature vs nurture and child development.
Theseus A Jordan Holt The-dope-protagonist-who-is-an-incompetent-savant-failing-up-to-the-role-of-legendary-hero anti-troupe-turned-cliche. Still manages to get a laugh out of me sometimes.
Thistil Mistil Kistil A Sarah Schanze Coal is a young boy sent back to the world of the living from the edge of the afterlife after getting wrapped up in a Norse god drama. He now must retrieve precious artifacts to return to Valhalla. Fantasy hero's journey type story.
Tigerknight A Jan Medieval misadventures of the ditzy duo who are trying to right the wrongs they inevitably cause in the kingdom. Cannon with his other comics.
Transmission A Mark Smith Slice of life comic of two gearhead brothers that evolves into long-running plot. Sunday funnies format without much change.
Two Kinds A Thomas Fischbach Trace wakes up not remembering anything and now has to learn about his dark past through other people's accounts. Not everyone can give an unbiased insight and some even wish to exploit his new weakness. Trace's new clean slate relations deeply complicate the power struggle that lead to his amnesia. One of the big ones. Very slow to update, but the art is much better now and the story more mature. I don't think its worth all the notoriety it is given, but maybe I need to read it again all in one sitting.
Uberquest A Skid & Phuufy A rag-tag gang of unlikey heros have to work through their own greivances to save the world from evil forces. Mideval fantasy with futuristic tie-ins. Drama, romance, politics. Characters are gratuitously endowed.
* Unsounded A Ashley Cope Sette the street urchin and Duane the zombie are an unlikey duo, but one that is extremely effcetive. Through their story we get up and close with the scum of society and cruel rulers. Frequent updates in full color with the occasional animated page. Hard to describe whats going on other than gorey, profane, disgusting, with some crude ideas. Prolific-tier.
Wildlife A Pascalle Lepas Oscar tried to move away from it all but ended up buying a haunted house and befriending a werewolf. He ends up invovled in everyones problems and occasionally even in danger. Native American themes. Art starts out sketchy, but the line art cleans up.
The Whiteboard A Doc N Long-running sunday funnies style comic which moves on to large plot arcs. Starts out as a slice of life ranting of a machinist who is really into paintball on a literal whiteboard. As Doc gets older and plays paintball less, the characters begin to adopt their own personality and get full color.
Wrongspell A "AyleenDeer" Comic about three little witches who accidentaly summon a powerful demon instead of a cake. Recently (as of nov'22) rebooted. I think its not as strong of a start as the original (deleted) pages but we will see as the comic catches up to where it was.
Wychwood A Ally "Varethane" Tiara and Julian have attacted some unwanted attention with their unique magical abilities. Its jarring to go from survinging on your own in the post-war rubble to intense scrutiny from the best equiped organiaztion that still exists. Chances of escape look more and more bleak with every passing day. Written after Chirault in the same water color style. Prolific tier.
Xeno Experiments Derideal A Andrés Barra Main story in the universe. Aiden is a sentient cat created out of the genetic experiments of The Consortium. While first and foremost a deadly weapon, the scientists were not able to take out all the human elements of the gene splice. He meets another cat by the name Laura and quickly wishes to protect her from the evil that happens inside the Consortium. Now we must see if nature or nurture will prevail. Author is a Spanish speaker and translation may be a little funky at times.
.357! A Roz Gibson Oldschool detective fiction story. Short and sweet, originally published in a physical indie comic in 1990.
Cat Men From Mars A Kurt Wilcken Classic, light hearted, science fiction tale of Earth discovering alien life on Mars. Vintage charm.
* Chirault A Ally "Varethane" Hand drawn comic of a very small half demon and demon hunter who seek the help of the magic guild. Nothing is ever that simple and guild issues ensnare the duo. Drawn after Kaspall, before Wychwood. Prolific tier.
* Code Name: Hunter A Darc Sowers Story about reawakened magic powers and the secret organization responsible for keeping the public safe. Starts out hand drawn, transitions to digital.
College Catastrophe A Jan Jan's first comic, about his experiences in college.
Crimson Flag A "Virmir" Medieval fantasy comic about two kingdoms that don't get along. Epic battles, cutesy art, silly writing.
* Digger A Ursula Vernon A very lost wombat accidentally tunnels into the shrine room of a god. She has much experience with the like and has no interest at all with getting involved. She does, of course and has plenty of emotional turmoil. Black and white comic that is uncommonly easy to read.
Earthsong A
Fragile A Cooper Burgh A trio of exiles are on the hunt for Garret's son who went missing during a terrible skirmish. They follow leads around the country side and confront their demons both literal and metaphorical. Fluid storytelling with a good handle on natural emotions.
* Gaia A Puri Andini and Oliver Knorzer A group of friends is about to graduate from the magic academey and enter the world. No one anticipates how much of an impact the class will actually have. A graduation ceremony gone wrong sets the pace for the epic fantasy adventure to come. Consistent, well drawn, and well written.
Galacticat A
Gemutations: Plague A Denise Randall The comic follows Daniel, an unwilling participant in an illegal genetics experiment, where he attempts to unearth the plot to end human life. Daniel's life was torn apart when his genetics were spliced, giving him shark-like appearance and abilities. Uncovering this plot is made more difficult by the increasing racism born out of ignorance for the Gemues. The art is not the best but the author takes care to explore how a character’s design affects their interaction with the world around them. The story suffers from the currently burnt-out post-covid19 world.
Genocide Man A
* Kaspall A
Lovely People A
Mare Internum A
May The Rain Come A
Ozy and Millie A
The Panty Bear A
Paradigm Shift A
Project Future A
* A Redtail's Dream A Minna Sundberg During the annual meeting of woodland spirits, Puppy-Fox (who is not in attendance) makes a colossal mistake and traps a mortal in the spirit plane. Now for the first time in his life he must shoulder real-meaningful responsibility and send them home safe. Hannu learns about maturity, too. Minna is on my list of prolific-tier artists with every comic being a home run. This comic was written before SSSS.
Restored Generation A
Scurry A
* Skin Horse A Shaenon Garrity & Jeffery Wells A cross dresser, a zombie and a sentient dog work for the secretive government agency "Skin Horse." Hard to describe this one... Romance, non-human rights, funky evil geniuses, Jewish helicopters. Takes a little bit to find its stride and get full color, but one that consistently got laughs out of me.
* Stand Still, Stay Silent A Minna Sundberg Scandinavia is the last holdout of all mammal life as we know it after a terrible pandemic wipes out the rest of the known world. The story begins with an unlikely gang of heros overcoming their language barrier to explore the secrets of the old, dead world. One of the best webcomics of all time, but likely tarnished by post-covid living. Great story with fluid dialog, beautiful watercolor art with interesting character design, consistent updates for over a decade. If you can only read one, this is it. Minna is on my list of prolific-tier artists with every comic being a home run. She has recently found God, meaning this is likely to be her last large story arc.
Stolen Generation A
* Snarlbear A
Soul's Journey A
Strays A
Take Off! A Meaghan Carter Cass has a pretty rough life and quickly takes the oppritunity to escape to a magical world of racing dragons. Story about companionship, greiving, and facing one's flaws. Charming story on the shorter side.
Tall Tails A
Virmir World A
Welcome to New Dawn A
* Albedo Anthropomorphics/Erma Felna Of The EDF A
Beatriz Overseer A
Barkham Horror A
Bird Boy A
Broodhollow A
Calliandra Cloak A
Clockwork A
Commander Kitty A
* Cucumber Quest A
Culture Shock A
Desmona Chronicles: Ripmoor A
The Din A
Dreamrise A
Dream Scar A
El Indon A
Evus A
Felicia A
The Foxfire Chronicles A Michael Donelly A group of strangers are abducted and used for genetic experimentation to create supersoldiers. Distinctly early '00s art style and the story is a little cheesy, but I'm a sucker for militaria.
Glaria A
God's Pack A
Honey Crab A
Isla Aukate A "Foxena" Silver, Darius, and his pegasus daughter Rain are members of a genetics research lab of questionable morals. Their defecting to save each other's lives creates powerful enemies. Fantasy sci-fi comic with art already starting out good and in full color. Comic is actively being written, but the drawn portion is lagging by years. Seems the art was by Genesis Whitmore, who had retired due to injury and burnout. Story can be abrupt at times and focuses a little too heavy on the "pushing the limits of endurance for the people that matter" troupe in the first few chapters.
Jack Legend A "Joseph O. Possum" Jack comes from a long line of legends. Unfortunately, he has yet to live up to expectations.
Kipo A
* Lackadaisy Cats A
Lighter Than Heir A
The Literate A
Mad Magic A
Maiz A
Meadowhawk A
Monster Story A
NOX Prophecy A
* Off-White A
* Opportunities In Space A Katie & Sincerely Degelder Christmas fanatic and human rights fighter "Jack Frost" plans to send a message to the men in charge who line their pockets at the expense of his citizens. Space technology and aliens included. Fun story, fun characters, shame it will never be finished.
* Prophecy of the Circle A
Questors & Quarryors A
Romantically Apocalyptic A Vitaly S Alexius Life in the nuclear post-apocalypse is strange and unfamiliar. Our protagonist, Snippy, narrates us through his adventures as "the last sane person on earth." Mixed media webcomic consisting of digitally modified photography. Full of period internet weirdcore humor.
Sell Spell A Erin Powers A freelance mage of questionable morales desperate for money stows away on a wagon chasing a lost treasure. He gets more than he bargained for. Fantasy type comic just short of dragons (so far).
Shadowbinders A
Snow By Night A
Splitting Image A
The Strange Cases of Detective Franklin A
* Terinu A
Terrafold A
Thunderpaw A
True Magic A
What Nonsense A
White Noise A
Wrongside A
Xen A
A Year And A Day A
Changed Format
Paranatural A