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This is an obviously "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" website where I plan to list all the webcomics I like to read. I figured since I spend so much time trying to find new (and good) webcomics to read, I might as well share my list. I make no promises that our tastes align, but I hope you find something new to like!

I chose neocities to pay homage to the web1.0 culture that brought about the webcomic over 25 years ago. This will be my playground to refresh and further my HTML and CSS knowledge past a basic class in high school. Don't worry, there will hardly be any Javascrip or PHP tainting this website. I still believe that websites should be simple and load quickly. This site may not be the prettiest, but it will load on basically all hardware, will cause less carbon emissions, will never mine your data, and will hopefully inspire us to take back the internet as it should be.

Any comments or questions can be sent to nitwebcomics "at" gmail.com

Road barrier with flashing light. Sign says 'under construction'